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that help children to thrive!


Gifts that Grow are no ordinary gifts.


They are gifts that nourish children’s bodies, grow their minds and expand possibilities to help them thrive!

That’s why the most wonderful gift to give to your family, friends or clients is a gift that grows - to help change children’s lives, for good.

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Children in Zambia are suffering from drought.

Choose a life-changing gift from Gifts that Grow today and you’ll help hungry children and families living in Zambia.


1 It’s easy. Simply choose your meaningful Gifts that Grow.

2 You choose if you’d like to receive printed gift cards or e-cards to give your family or friends, explaining the life-changing gift given to a child or children on their behalf.

3 ChildFund will deliver your life-changing gift to a child or children that will help them break free from the cycle of poverty and give them a chance to thrive!

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